Britain should follow Denmark’s example

Let’s not throw the word ‘profession’ around loosely. As I recently wrote in an article, design is no more a profession than management is. ‘A profession has a formal educational requirement and a system of examination and licensing for aspiring members, as well as a requirement to participate in continuing education.’ (Working Knowledge Newsletter, Harvard Business School Newsletter, February 21, 2005. R Khurana, N Nohria, D Penrice).

I was in Copenhagen recently at Index: 2005, a fabulous celebration of design worldwide, with kiosks all over the city showing the competition winners and finalists to the public.

The Danish government gave out five prizes that added up to €500 000 (£340 000). Both HRH the Crown Prince and others, like the head of the organisation of Danish Industries, said essentially the same things as Chancellor Gordon Brown did to the crowds gathered at the various events. The difference is, the Danish government is putting its money where its mouth is, as they say on this side of the Atlantic.

RitaSue Siegel, President, RitaSue Siegel Resources, New York

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