I have travelled both for work and pleasure extensively. Over the course of my travels, new environments and cultures have helped to inspire and refresh me.

Shape, form, light and the use of different materials stimulate and prompt my approach to life, releasing me from the mundanity to which we can so easily fall within our work.

Foremost in my mind is a trip to Libya. Leptus Magnus, a World Heritage Site, is a 4th century BC Roman city, preserved over the centuries by the intense heat and sands of the Sahara Desert. It is vast, empty and almost eerie. The shape and form of the buildings are truly inspiring.

From a design perspective, having spent hours sifting through books and magazines looking for influences in our work, it is truly remarkable to experience the sheer brilliance of craftsmen in the 4th Century BC first hand.

As designers we must draw inspiration from the world about us. We live in a country steeped in history, with phenomenal art, architecture, and culture. Our environment, whether it be the crypt at St Pauls or typographic carvings in Cornish slate, has plenty to inspire us all.

Shane Greeves


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