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Apple has conquered the electronic world with its iPhones, iPods and iPads, but now its founder Steve Jobs is eager to enter the world of fashion with iWear. This range of clothing aims to capture the look and style of the ’trendsetting’ chief executive in a new advertising campaign labelled ’Be Like Steve’.
Designer Jo Kotas’ new site, Smile for London, flags up a campaign to run on Tube platform screens for two weeks from 17 January 2011. A call for entries is open for a 20-second silent piece of moving image. Successful applicants will see their work in an intermission of film, art and animation on weekday mornings.
There’s little to beat a nice infographic. Kai Krause has created a single image of the ’true’ size of Africa, in terms of land mass. This graphic layout embodies the massive scale of the continent, fitting in countries which have been cut and rotated. It is actually larger than the US, India, Japan and Europe combined.
We’re always up for promoting good design in other countries, so when The Dossier – a site dedicated to Dutch creativity – was nominated by one of our Twitter followers, we decided to take a look. This English-language guide offers readers access to the creative and cultural heartbeat of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

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