Surgeons get some nip’n’tuck by Ico Design

Ico Design has created the branding for Liberate, a newly-established 40-strong collective of UK cosmetic surgeons.

Liberate is being set up by cosmetic surgeon Charles Nduka and other partners and, according to Ico, aims to challenge preconceptions about safety, quality, transparency, aftercare and qualifications of practitioners that surround the industry.

The new organisation is also aimed primarily at young people. Steve Lloyd, art director at Ico, says, ’We had to put across responsibility and the fact that the organisation can turn people away if it doesn’t think cosmetic surgery is the right thing for them.’

Ico was appointed in June following a four-way pitch. Lloyd says that he believes the consultancy was appointed due to the strength of its designs and the fact that it had suggested a social media strategy.

The consultancy carried out a programme of research and workshops to define Liberate’s brand values as ’exceptional’, ’accomplished’, ’responsible’ and ’upfront’.

The name Liberate was selected to reflect the positive effect of body change on people’s lives, according to Ico, as well as referencing the fact that, traditionally, customers have felt trapped by the limited amounts of information and options presented to them.

The consultancy says, ’A review of the competitor brands threw up a particular weak spot in the area of photography. Smiling bikini-clad models or surgeons in white coats are the recurring themes.’

Ico says it has created ’an original bank of artistic images of the human form’ that can be used by Liberate.

All brand guidelines and collateral have been handed over by Ico to Liberate and the new brand is expected to launch in the coming weeks.

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