Coleman drinks to Odeiga House

Coleman Design has branded and packaged a range of drinks for specialist African food manufacturer Odeiga House, for a fee of between £10 000 and £15 000. The project launches in October.

The drinks are based on natural ingredients with African origins. The manufacturing process combines two ingredients in a way that has not been previously achieved, the manufacturer claims.

Coleman Design is negotiating with the company about forming a partnership. This could see the consultancy invest in Odeiga House shares or secure the rights to design all Odeiga House packaging in the future, Coleman Design business development manager Barny Morris says.

The design fee will be paid either through investment in the company or by the Small Business Service, which is funding Odeiga House because of its innovative manufacturing processes.

The consultancy made the decision to invest in Odeiga House after taking advice on the marketability of its products.

‘The results were extremely positive. But the company is a young company with an unproven track record, so there is a risk involved,’ says Morris.

‘We have tried this before with a different company, but it didn’t work out because of the legal structuring. The cost of design work for a client is relatively low, but the value to the client is extremely high. You have to think, are you missing a trick here? How can we maximise our intellectual capital?’ asks Morris.

The consultancy made no formal pitch for the work. Instead it met with Odeiga House through the Manchester Faster Food Network, a group of food sector companies working together to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the marketplace. Coleman Design offers members advice on branding issues.

The consultancy is also working on the branding and packaging of other product ranges from Odeiga House, including spices and sauces ranges.

‘There are lots of other products on the horizon,’ says Morris.

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