Ex-Asda design head sets up retail interiors group

Former Asda general design manager Susan Robinson has set up a retail interiors design consultancy, Brown Cow, which launched on Monday.

Robinson hopes to work with clients in the hotel and leisure sector, as well as exhibitions and design management areas. Brown Cow is a limited company and Robinson aims to have four or five staff by the end of the year.

She declines to name the clients she is working with because ‘contracts have not yet been signed’.

Robinson joined Asda seven years ago and ran the design team, overseeing, among other projects, the implementation of the supermarket’s ‘market hall’ interiors concepts, which launched in Manchester in 1995.

Prior to joining Asda, she set up a consultancy, Atelier Susan Robinson in the early 1990s, working from Paris with clients including EuroDisney and architect Jean-François Bodin. Before Atelier, Robinson was a senior designer at Rodney Fitch and Co.

She set up again on her own because she ‘wanted to work in new areas’ and get involved with the creative side of things.

‘I enjoy taking risks. Working in-house gives you more security but there are always more rules,’ she adds.

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