Steele answers Kester’s SuperHumanism points

In answer to the ongoing SuperHumanism debate David Kester says, ‘The challenge to save humanity in one day was loaded with irony’ (Letters, DW 6 September).

How very stupid of me to think that designers might actually take the issues of SuperHumanism set out to discuss seriously (Letters, DW 23 August).

Nor was I trying to ‘take a pop at John Warwicker and Tomato’. It was a simple attempt to join the forum by mail, given I – and most designers I know, though admittedly not rich and important ‘senior folk in business, design, Government and academic circles’ – couldn’t afford the event’s admission price.

The point I made was that designers like Warwicker and Tomato seem by their practice to be more part of the problem than the solution.

Why not let Warwicker speak for himself and answer the point? Then we might really broaden this debate.

JoAnne Steele

JoAnne Steele Designs

London EC1

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