Twentyfiveten designs EMA report

East Midlands Arts is to unveil its 2000/ 2001 annual report, designed by Twentyfiveten Design, at the end of September.

The consultancy has created an A5 document featuring commissioned images by regional artists. The brochure has been created using matt paper and different block colours for each page.

The consultancy will be appointed as the EMA’s incumbent group ‘if the EMA is happy with the work’, Twentyfiveten’s business manager Susan Hallsworth claims.

‘The EMA wanted to produce a different kind of annual report, which was clean and simple, but with a strong design quality,’ Hallsworth says.

The document will be distributed to board members and partners, arts organisations, local businesses and MPs. It will highlight EMA’s achievements throughout last year’s Arts Council initiative, Year of the Artist.

EMA has outsourced its design work for the first time after its sister marketing agency Midlands Arts Marketing, which normally handled such projects, ceased trading last month.

Twentyfiveten won the work after a four-way unpaid creative pitch against undisclosed rivals.

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