20 September 2007


Other worldly

Simple techniques are often the most effective, and paper cut-outs – perhaps the most basic of all – can achieve striking results. Lydia Fulton looks at the work of two


Corporate responsibility reports are never going to top the bestseller lists, but social and financial pressures are forcing even the biggest companies to show their caring side. Clare Dowdy looks


The golden rates

Skills shortages are driving up the demand for certain freelances, leading to inflation-busting increases in remuneration and warping the market for permanent staff. Fiona Sibley analyses the findings of our


Survey shows it pays to go freelance

Remuneration for freelance staff has risen dramatically over the past 12 months, Design Week’s freelance salary survey reveals. In some sectors, where a high demand for design skills outstrips supply,


Musical mystery tour

When Julie Taymor announced she was creating an original 1960s-set big-screen musical using songs by The Beatles, the director’s fans knew that, at the very least, the result would prove

Savile row in a primark world?

Virtual agencies offering bespoke ‘total solutions’ for each brand or campaign are the future, Simon Barbato argues. They can also be a lot cheaper than traditional creative groups

pet shop boys


From Carmen to Kanye West, stage designer Es Devlin’s talents have been much in demand throughout her career. Talking to Yolanda Zappaterra, she reveals that she is still in thrall

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