It’s 10.45am on a lovely sunny day in Manchester. I have just bought a latte and taken a seat in an area bathed in streams of sunlight, inside the Royal Exchange main hall. As I look upwards, the sunlight brings out the bright colours of the stained glass in a rich combination.

I never become tired of this place. I can get away from the office, switch off the mobile and just sit here and close my eyes, soaking up the peace and quiet. Outside the city is bustling with its daily routine, but inside here is a sanctuary. I can shut out the surrounding sounds of the city.

While I have my eyes closed, the peace gives me a chance to let go of all the noise inside my head – the things that I need to get finished, the deadlines on my design work, the writing for college projects. Have I done this or that? No, for those few minutes, I’m in my own space.

A voice nearby breaks my thought. A tourist is talking quite excitedly about the interior, and I think I know mate, I feel the same. I open my eyes feeling inspired. It’s time to go back to work.

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