20th August 2009

Corkart goes on sale next month

Corkart, designed by Sebastian Bergne, is going on sale next month. The product allows people to create cork ‘sculptures’ that can grow over time. The product, which was first shown as part of Bergne’s exhibition at London’s Aram Gallery last month, is being brought to market by Winebox/WBC.

LFH creates packaging for Carlsberg Baltic

LFH has created the packaging for Carlsberg Baltic’s new beer and spirits mix range, D-Night, aimed at 18- to 25-year-olds. The line takes design cues such as the red ‘D’ and tattoo effect from its parent brand D-Light. The three flavours – cachaca and lime, vodka and blood orange, and tequila and lemon – will […]

Pop fragments

‘The word is very important to me,’ says artist David Spiller. ‘I did a painting that was just a big “A” once; it was me tipping my hat to Johannes Gutenberg, because without his invention we would never have had books and all those wonderful stories I used to get lost in as a kid.’ […]

Facing up to independence

The cultural transition from big business to independent working can be as challenging as it is rewarding, says Kate Blandford

Organic brand Spiezia packs, created by JKR

Ethical shape

How do you create packaging that combines real sustainability and compelling form, without compromising on either? Sarah Woods unpacks the issues involved and looks at what some key brands are doing to get their offer right

Seeking shelter

Taking space in a ‘mother store’ can be a tempting and less risky alternative to opening your own shop. Clare Dowdy looks at how three fledgling businesses are using this option to get a head start


Hat-Trick Design has created the new identity for breast cancer charity Breakthrough. Which charity would you like to rebrand, and why?

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