Design Bridge sets the tone for plant conservation campaign

Design Bridge has created an online educational resources pack for organisation Botanic Gardens Conservation International, a group dedicated to the conservation of threatened plants.

Design Bridge was appointed to create an online pack and marketing material for the Voice Your Choice campaign, which examines how climate change affects plant species. The consultancy was appointed in spring, having worked on similar projects for BGCI, according to sustainability director Helen Hughes.

She says, ‘[BGCI] approached us because they had just published a report on the effect of climate change on plants and they wanted to target an audience – schoolchildren – who had the potential to do something about this in the future.’

The resource set is built around imagining a scenario where only one species of plant, insect or mammal can survive. Design Bridge has created a ‘kit of parts’ for Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils which can be downloaded from the BGCI website. The online resource will be promoted by BGCI, using Design Bridge’s materials, in time for the next school year.

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