Hat-Trick Design has created the new identity for breast cancer charity Breakthrough. Which charity would you like to rebrand, and why?

I am a bit reluctant to use the word ‘rebrand’ indiscriminately, but at a time when public support has swelled for our injured servicemen and women out in Afghanistan and Iraq, it strikes me that the Royal British Legion would gain from increasing its relevance. To do this, the legion really needs to stand for more than just the month-long Poppy Appeal. It should also promote the care and campaigning that it undertakes every day. It needs to stand for more than the past – it should stand for today and for our future.
Rachel Colley, Senior strategist, Siegel & Gale

Given the chance, I would redesign the British Heart Foundation logo. From a selfish point of view, my father died of a heart attack and that sort of event is often the trigger for people to think how others can be helped, in memory of a loved one. From a design perspective, although the BHF logo is iconic it does rely on a couple of visual cliches – the cartoon heart and the monitor. It would be a challenge to take a different approach.
Rob Coke, Partner and creative director, Studio Output

From a personal perspective, I’d want to work with the British Heart Foundation. As important as the rebrand would be to set about helping it to better and more broadly communicate its aims and its work well in advance of a crisis point. To see it reach deeper into society and reposition itself as the epicentre of all diet, smoking and other cardio-challenging activities would benefit the BHF – and the nation as a whole.
Patrick Baglee, Director of creative strategy, Navyblue

The New Forest Trust. Having spent a long while exploring this beautiful woodland and heath I feel the trust deserves a more exciting identity – one that captures the excitement of seeing wild horses next to your picnic blanket, as well as the tranquillity of escaping the summer heat within the shade of ancient trees. Creating an identity that visually depicts a fascinating landscape would attract more volunteers while doing justice to this wondrous environment. Book your holiday today.
Laurie King, Graphic designer, Direct Design

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