Safeway brand set to return to the high street

The announcement by Morrisons signals the supermarket chain’s desire to make its products more “accessible” for customers with new Safeway branded goods destined for wholesale. 

Safeway store, Bude (2005)
Safeway store, Bude (2005)

Update 1 August 2017: McColl’s Retail Group has reached an agreement with Morrisons to stock the relaunched Safeway brand. The wholesale range will be sold exclusively for 12 months in McColl’s 1,300 convenience stores and 350 newsagents across the UK, starting from January 2018.

The Morrisons-owned Safeway brand is being revived as a wholesale range, which is set to be stocked at independent retailers across the UK.

Morrisons acquired Safeway for £3 billion back in 2004, rebranding or selling its 479 stores. The return of Safeway will see a range comprising hundreds of branded food products, giving independent retailers’ customers access to its products.

The own-brand packaging features an updated design and logo, replacing its previous italicised marque with a red sans serif typeface. The supermarket has not yet confirmed which consultancy has worked on the redesign.

Tap into UK convenience market

Morrisons says it hopes to tap into the UK convenience market with the initiative, 75% of which is currently made up of independent businesses.

The supermarket chain has also announced its plans to pilot 10 more Morrisons Daily convenience shops in petrol garages in the UK.

“More accessible”

David Potts, chief executive of Morrisons, says: “These are two capital light ways of growing in the convenience food market. By working with well-established partners and reviving the Safeway brand, we are making our products more accessible to more customers.”

The Safeway range will be available from independent retailers from early 2017.

The new Safeway brand set for wholesale distribution

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