Illustrators unite behind fundraiser to save world’s rainforests

Breathe Easy is a month-long fundraiser dedicated to giving people a tangible way to do their bit to save the rainforest.

Designers and artists will unite in November as part of a month-long fundraiser in aid of the world’s rainforests.

Headed by Drool, an online gallery “committed to affordability”, the Breathe Easy campaign has been curated in response to “the drastic increase in human-driven rainforest fires and deforestation globally”.

“People’s feelings can be easily changed when it comes to climate change, whether that’s by reading an article or watching Blue Planet,” says founder of Drool, Alex Liepman, “But few are able to take action. We wanted to offer an easy way for people to make a tangible contribution to the cause.”

The line up for the event includes work from illustrators Marylou Faure and Tyler Gross, and graphic designers Roy Cranston and Harry Vincent. All work involved in the fundraiser is underpinned by themes of “unadulterated nature, evidence of human disruption and juxtapositions of the two,” according to Liepman.

Of the sales, 60% of profits will be donated to Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Action Fund. The remaining 40% will be used to pay artists and designers. Among other projects, the donations will go toward conserving species, protecting indigenous communities and preserving climates and habitats. According to the organisation, the project costs on average around $8,000,000 (£6,200,000) a year.

Design by Roy Cranston

According to Rainforest Trust, on average every £1.60 donated to the cause can help protect an acre of rainforest land. Using this, Liepman and fellow organisers have been able to calculate the number of acres buyers will help by buying prints. Certificates of authenticity, which state this will be given out with purchases.

Breathe Easy follows similar campaigns where activism has channeled design recently. Last month, there were art auctions for climate protesters Extinction Rebellion and to fight against the UK arms trade.

To mark the start of the November fundraiser, a free exhibition and pop-up print shop will be held on October 30 at 71a Gallery in Shoreditch, London.

“We’re trying to give it a little bit more than just an ordinary exhibition, so there will be music and projections as well,” says Liepman. “Hopefully the whole thing will mean people can see right in front of them how they’re contributing to the cause.”

Design by Marylou Faure

Breathe Easy launches on October 30 with a pop-up exhibition and shop at 71a Gallery in Shoreditch, London. Prints can be bought online at from 1-30 November. 

Banner design by Tyler Gross.

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    Love these illustrations, will be heading over to the online shop now!

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