Taxi Studio helps to deliver Relaxed Birth and Parenting’s new baby


Bristol-based consultancy Taxi Studio has created a new identity and branding for Relaxed Birth and Parenting, a company that supports women and their families in pregnancy, birth and parenting through education and provision of ’doula’ birthing partners.

Taxi was appointed to the project in late 2010 following a recommendation from Lindsay Camp, the copywriter for the project, who Taxi has worked with for clients including Kraft.

Relaxed Birth and Parenting founder Dominique Sakoilsky says, ’In the three years we’ve been going, the essence of who we are is the same, but we’re much more clear on what we’re about.’

Sakoilsky says Taxi was given a ’really open brief’. She says, ’Pregnancy and early parenting is a serious subject, but we wanted humour and to hold the subject a bit more lightly.’

Taxi Studio creative director Spencer Buck says, ’We had to deliver an emotive identity and a system that went straight for the heart.

’It needs to make existing parents, grandmothers and midwives have an instant “ahh” moment.’

After an initial audit of the current branding, Taxi created the visual identity, which will appear across the website, stationery and all collateral. It features five illustrations by Ilias Arahovitis, represented by Beehive Illustration.

Buck says, ’We wanted to create a brand marque that read as a statement. “Relaxed” is executed in an informal, casual manner typographically, and “birth and parenting”has a maternal nature with a pink and warm grey palette.’

Taxi created brand guidelines for the website, which is being created by Bristol-based company Scene, and will launch in a couple of weeks.

The identity will start to roll out next week, initially appearing on business cards.

Birthing partners

  • The word ’doula’ comes from the ancient Greek word for ’female slave’, but is now the term for someone providing non-medical support to women and families during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Relaxed Birth and Parenting also provides support through anteand post-natal classes, education, pregnancy yoga and workshops
  • Dominique Sakoilsky’s father, ex-D&AD chairman Anthony Simonds-Gooding, helped decide which of Taxi Studio’s design proposals to use
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