Conran in café cameo

Sharp-eyed TV viewers may have caught a glimpse of Terence Conran as he wafted through last week’s episode of Pie in the Sky. The Habitat founder and restaurant magnate was filmed, Hitchcock-like, emerging from his Cantina del Ponte, next door to the Design Museum at Butler’s Wharf on the Thames. Henry Crabbe, the overweight cooking cop played by Richard Griffiths, paused long enough in his perusal of the menu to exchange pleasantries with his fellow dual-career restaurateur.

Sir Terence fired up a hefty cigar and looked decidedly pleased with himself. Perhaps he was thinking that the free advertising would help offset some of the financial blows sustained on Butler’s Wharf at the beginning of the decade. Sources confirm Conran is a big fan of the show, but would not confirm whether he identifies with Henry Crabbe. Nor would they say if or how much he was paid.

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