Chief executive of CSD sets the record straight

In response to Roger Hughes’ letter, Managing design is worthy of DBA representation (DW 7 February), can I clarify who we represent.

The Chartered Society of Designers represents non-designers in its Associate Membership category. In fact, it represents design managers (referred to as design administrators in its Charter) and design educationalists, having done so since it was formed in 1930. In order to gain membership in this specialised category, members will need to have practiced for seven years at a particularly high level, such is the importance the society places on these activities which underpin and support the design process.

Fortunately, the CSD Charter and status does not allow it to take on and represent anyone who wishes to pay a membership fee. Therefore, its officers are charged with defining the criteria for its various membership groups, including design management and education and ensuring standards through the application and assessment process.

Thus CSD not only represents both designers and design managers, it also vets them carefully prior to awarding membership.

Frank Peters

Chief executive

Chartered Society of Designers

London SE1

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