Design One wraps up eco website

Design One presented third-stage design concepts for the redesign of a website for the Waste and Resources Action Programme last week.

The consultancy, which will command a fee of about £50 000 for the design and build of the site, is working towards a launch date of 15 March, though that date may be revised.

Wrap, which is receiving £40m of Government money for the period from 2001 to 2004, works to create an efficient and stable market for recycled products. The site is aimed at manufacturers that use recycled materials, suppliers of recycled products and businesses that are the potential consumers of recycled products. The purpose of the site is to encourage a greater use of recycled products.

The group has been briefed to create a website that is easy to navigate, but the look and feel of the site is not the most important element, says Design One creative director Jo Richman.

‘Wrap wants to create a big database-driven site so it needs to be very user-friendly. The way it will be designed is that it will be question-led,’ Richman says.

‘We don’t want to make the site look really “eco”. This is about corporate businesses getting involved in recycling and it needs to look professional,’ she adds.

The consultancy, which was appointed two weeks ago, won the work following a four-way creative and technical pitch. Fifty-two consultancies responded to the initial offer to tender.

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