EHSrealtime’s ‘fantastic name’ office bar brand

If you’re not called Barry at EHSrealtime, you’re probably called Alan. Confused?

Well, in honour of its fun-lovin’ creative team’s penchant for calling each other Barry, or Alan if you’re a big creative cheese, the consultancy is opening a bar at its office this week, called Barry, for staff, clients and, we presume, Barrys everywhere.

Photos of famous Barrys, including composer John, Points of View veteran Took and even chairman Terry Hunt’s brother, will adorn the walls, and White and Manilow lookalikes are cutting the ribbon today (21 February 2002).

‘Everyone knows someone called Barry,’ according to EHSrealtime copywriter Barry, aka Nick Moffat. ‘And it is such a fantastic name.’

Well, you really can’t argue with that, can you?

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