PI Group shapes up yogurt brand

PI Global has created the umbrella identity and packaging design for St Ivel’s 16-strong range of Shape yogurts and pot desserts, which will go on shelf at the end of this week.

The range is also being extended to encompass three new lines: fruit juice-based mousse, chocolate and toffee desserts and a calcium enriched bio-yogurt drink.

The new livery is designed to reinforce the brand’s new positioning as ‘the delicious way to be good’. Amy Bridgman, creative director on the project, maintains that Shape had been suffering because of the activity of its competitors and because its packaging was recessive and contrary to its positioning. She says that before it looked fussy.

Bridgman claims that St Ivel was attracted to the consultancy’s ‘iconist branding principles’. Its aim was to create an identity that was simple and memorable ‘We wanted to create something that people could go away and sketch,’ she says. ‘Now [St Ivel] can use the [Shape] icon everywhere.’

Bridgman adds that the new look gives the brand good standout on shelf and frees up the right hand side of the packaging on which to do all the enticing ‘foody bits’.

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