Attik and Velvet revamp CNN

CNN International has launched a new on-air look devised by the New York office of London consultancy The Attik and Velvet of Munich.

The revamp, the first in the TV network’s 14-year history, includes four new network idents and several stylistic variations of the CNN logo. Fourteen new location idents of time-lapse films, shot on 35mm film, feature landmarks from around the world to promote CNN’s global image.

According to CNN design director Morgan Almeida, a strong and vibrant brand identity is increasingly important in the multi-channel digital age.

“We’ve aimed at evolving the personality of the brand into a timeless, elegant, cinematic style that crosses cultural boundaries while retaining the core identity familiar to viewers worldwide. This is the brand image that will take us into the next century,” he says.

Completed via the Internet in just four months, the project involved creatives from London, Munich, Atlanta and New York. It also entailed updating the graphic housestyle and devising new, clearer designs for World News and World Business Today programmes.

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