Be ‘positive and grown up’ about DBA

Your anonymous and out-of-touch letter writer, (Letters, DW 15 January) should know that the Design Business Association is not moribund, has its best ever range of services and events for 1999, has grown in membership in each of the past three years and has a clear focus to promote the interests of design businesses.

No doubt whoever wrote to you is a non-member and feels that whatever personal contribution they might make is best done anonymously through the letters column of Design Week.

We don’t mind, in fact, we welcome constructive criticism because we know we aren’t perfect. But instead of attacking the efforts and achievements of everyone who currently supports and participates in the world’s largest congregation of design business people, perhaps whoever it is should come out of their closet, join and make a contribution in a more positive and grown up way.

Ian Rowland-Hill

Chief executive


London EC

For the record, the author of the letter is a “grown up” – in fact, a senior and active member of the design community. If that person is “out of touch” with regard to DBA activities, so might others be – Ed

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