‘Proud wings’ airline brand by Landor

Landor Associates has rebranded Canadian Airlines to better emphasise its core values of confidence, friendliness, professionalism and customer care.

The new “proud wings” logo was unveiled last week and uses the Canadian Goose as its central icon. The design group also worked with the client on strategy.

“The bird is unique to Canada and embodies the ‘proud wings’ idea which is an integral slogan to the new look,” says a Landor spokeswoman. Landor has also evolved aircraft liveries and cabin interiors to bring them into line with the new identity.

Meanwhile, the new logo is currently being rolled out to signage, literature, ticketing, uniforms and corporate stationery.

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  • Daryl Locklear March 4, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    As an aircraft mechanic, I see many captivating designs and liveries for aircraft. I very much appreciated the methodology of Landor’s ‘Proud Wings’ campaign. I felt that this livery with the snow goose was the best ever. Transcendent.

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