The way to improve industry bodies is to join in

I was saddened to read the anonymous letter describing the Chartered Society of Designers and Design Business Association as “moribund organisations” (Letters, DW 15 January).

I can’t speak for the CSD, but I feel that the DBA is going from strength to strength.

The majority of the work undertaken by the DBA is done on a shoestring budget, and relies on people giving their time freely for the benefit of the industry. Which makes what has actually been achieved all the more remarkable.

This is also a great testimony to the majority of UK designers who are prepared to put something back into our industry. Clearly, our unnamed critic lacks the same generosity of spirit, and for that reason would probably prefer to remain anonymous.

Certainly the DBA and CSD could do better, but neither will improve with anonymous jibes. They’ll only get better if people get stuck in and help.

Whoever you are, put your time and your money where your mouth is.

Jonathan Sands

Managing director


Leeds LS20 9LT

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