Inspired – Steven Blaess, Blaess

The infinity symbol represented as a three-dimensional form was the original inspiration behind the Marli series of products I designed for Alessi.

Although I have abstracted the infinity symbol for the Marli bowls and wire basket, the original outline is most visible in the Jalk keyring for Alessi.

As a child I was raised on the Nullarbor Plain in Australia, one of the most remote places on our planet. The endless stretch of land and sea makes it seem like the world beneath your feet stretches to infinity. This is the essence of what I have manifested in the products I create.

My life experience in such a remote part of our planet has significantly influenced my personal design aesthetic and process.

The absolute simplicity of the natural environment has an infinite amount of detail once you look closely. This is what everyone intimately understands when living in remote and arid environments.It is an understanding that is shared among people who have lived and survived in this terrain.

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