It isn’t as simple as Greg Hands, a case of right or wrong

The comments made by Tory MP Greg Hands surrounding the NHS 60th anniversary logo, which cost £12 000 to create, has resulted in uproar in the industry and has raised issues within the public sector (Voxpop, DW 14 January).

Hands’ comments first made steam blow out of my ears, but looking at the new NHS logo you can understand why someone of little design experience would think this – and question the high cost of this project. But if you have ever worked with the public sector you know of the tedious processes and meetings you go through to get a contract started, never mind completed.

These processes only make it possible for large groups, which are geared up to cope with the bureaucratic process, to compete for contracts.
Considering the bureaucracy involved, it could well be that £12 000 doesn’t adequately compensate the creators of the NHS logo for the time spent.

However, if the public sector simplified its processes it would bring the costs down.

Sam Allen, Web marketing specialist, Zeta, Poole, Dorset BH15 1NX

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