Start-up wins graphics brief at Moving Picture Company

Digital and graphics start-up Waggott, Tripp and Graham has won a commission to create a series of wall graphics and installations at the London headquarters of post-production facility the Moving Picture Company.

MPC sponsored the trio’s first project, Go Scan Yourself, which appeared at design show Tent Digital, having approached Goldsmiths lecturer in design Charlotte Grinling. The start-up’s founders Chris Waggott, Sam Tripp and Brittany Graham study design at the institution.

The new group has been briefed to create an ‘inspirational environment from which to enter the film studio area’, says MPC head of marketing Sophie Trainor.

Trainor says the fledgling group was commissioned in a bid to create atmosphere and ‘mood’ in its workspace.

A series of wall graphics will initially be applied through an illustration and graphic technique that Waggott says will create an illusion of depth. ‘The perspective will change as you move around a stairwell, depending on which floor you’re going to,’ he adds.

Using a projector and marker pens to apply images, light will be projected up the stairwell, affecting the perceived depth of the graphics.

The wall project will finish at the end of this month, when the group aims to start work on the interactive installations. ‘The rooms get darker as you move down through the building’s five floors, so we’ll need to make something interactive that gets them away from their screens,’ says Waggott.

One of the areas earmarked for an installation is a disused shower cubicle, used as a walkway between work spaces.

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