New Look interiors widen appeal

Edge has been appointed to create interiors for one store, which could extend to a “handful” of trial outlets, says New Look marketing director Jim Fraser. If successful, the concept could roll out across up to 300 stores nationwide.

Fraser says he is not sure whether both shortlisted groups will be appointed or just one. A decision is expected in two weeks.

The consultancies, or consultancy, will be briefed to create further in-store environments. “We are keen to trial a couple of different in-store ‘looks’ to see which work best,” adds Fraser.

The appointments follow a two-month brand and marketing review by HHCL & Partners and consumer research among New Look’s target audience. Store environments have emerged as critical to the future of the retailer, says Fraser.

New Look is seeking to widen its appeal beyond the teen market without alienating this core audience, and sees changes in interior design as key to achieving this. “We would be insane to estrange our teenage customers, but we believe we can appeal to older women, too,” he adds.

A clothing range, Inspire, has been launched, aimed at women sized 16-24, to broaden New Look’s appeal. This forms part of the brand review process and reflects its “changing audience”, says Fraser.

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