The Chartered Society of Designers has advertised for a new chief executive (DW 14 June). What would you put at the top of the successful candidate’s agenda, and why?

‘That the CSD needs to find out who it thinks it represents, create an organisation of meaning and value to those people and become their eyes, ears and mouthpiece. Then get them to join.’

Clive Grinyer, director of design and innovation, Design Council

‘To challenge the existing structure and mentality of the industry, primarily by forging an alliance between fellow bodies, with a view to creating a clear beacon for the design industry.’

Steve Royle, Senior Designer, Corsie Naysmith

‘I didn’t know the CSD still existed. Does the 21st century really need it? Besides the one about the industry needing one body, the morass of design courses churning out hordes of incompetents needs addressing. Other headaches include the legal issues surrounding litigation and intellectual property. Whoever gets the job will need to go in with their flame-thrower set to vapourise.’

Kevin Mccullagh, Senior Forecaster, Seymour Powell Forecasting

‘The CSD should be more widely recognised as a kitemark of excellence, which designers could display with some pride. This needs to be broadcast to the commissioners of design. There should also be a strategy for visibility and support for its representatives in the regions. The new chief executive should shout from the roof tops, as politely as possible, about the value of design for business and the skill of the designer in providing this service.’

Penny Bradshaw, Director, Liverpool And Manchester Design Initiative

‘The CSD’s executive committee and members need to see the sense of joining with other industry bodies to create one strong voice for UK design (and where have you heard that before?).’

Adrianne Leman, Managing Director, C&Fd, And Past CSD President

‘To reinvent the CSD and steer it away from being a stodgy, commitee-based dinosaur into a proactive, highly visible organisation representing design in the real world. Visionary leadership, commercial sponsorship and a bloody good PR strategy (to regain the respect of the design industry) would be at the top of my list.’

Callum Lumsden, Managing Director, Lumsden Design Partnership

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