Cash in on a day in the Seventie

Don your wildly-oversized knitted cardies. Give the Morris Minor a red ‘n’white spray job. Record mournful ballads – actually don’t bother with that one.

Above all, get yourselves down to Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, on 29 March. The word on the street is that all the design world’s Capt Dobeys will be there for a spectacular piss-up and disco dance. And all for a fiver.

The money will go towards a very deserving cause. Design Bridge freelance designer Phil Clement’s four-year-old son Jack suffers from autism and the consultancy has formed a fund-raising committee to help out.

The aim is to raise a good chunk of the 52 000 Phil and his wife Maria need to send Jack to the Higashi School in Boston, US.

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