Getty grant for design

Design Council chairman John Sorrell was today due to announce a 121 000 grant from the Getty Grant Program for the new Design Council archive at the University of Brighton.

The grant, announced during the council’s pilot Design in Education Week, will enable the cataloguing and archiving of documents and more than 100 000 photographs chronicling the council’s history since its 1944 inception.

The new City of Edinburgh Council is unveiling its in-house designed logo, while the City of Glasgow Council is choosing between four consultancies after a credentials pitch for its logo.

Edinburgh’s in-house department won over five Edinburgh consultancies, according to a council spokeswoman. She now says the consultancies participated in a credentials pitch, although it was previously reported to be unpaid and creative (DW 12 January ).

Meanwhile, Glasgow is deciding between Blue Peach Design Consultants, EH6, Graven Images and Tayburn McIlroy Coates. It expects to make a selection in the next month.

Edinburgh’s and Glasgow’s identities follow the furore caused by Fife Council after it launched a free pitch last year for its logo (DW 15 December 1995). Renfrewshire District Council is also holding a free pitch for its identity (DW 8 March).

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