Graphics must keep up with product design

It really is good to see product design given due prominence in the Design Week Awards rather than being relegated to the last page as an add-on to the nine categories of graphic design. Kinneir Dufort deserves congratulations for its excellent work.

In no way do I wish to knock my colleagues in graphic design, but why can’t we have nine product categories in the awards? I can, no doubt, answer my own question by looking at the sponsors of the awards, but where there is a will there is a way. I am sure Concord Lighting is not the only potential sponsor.

Design Week could also give more prominence to product design. It is, as we know, crucial to our success as a manufacturing nation – perhaps more so than some of the more ephemeral items covered in your pages.

Clyde Millard

Clyde Millard Design


Herts SG9 9BT.

You’ll note we are doing more. Take the Kinneir Dufort profile this week (page 7) and vases by Hollington Associates last week (First Sight, DW 15 March) – Ed.

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