Romanian electrics get wired

Crabtree Hall/Plan CrEatif is revamping the corporate image and interiors for Romania’s largest electrical retailer, Network Electronica.

The consultancy is working on interiors concepts for the existing 85-strong retail chain, but the company plans to expand once the final concept has been decided. A new identity for Network Electronica’s primary brand, Nei, has been completed.

A new retail brand, called Mondo, is also being developed. “We have separated the new brand from the existing factory retail brand to enable it to become an umbrella for other branded products as well as Nei,” says consultancy partner David Mackay.

“We’re reviewing existing product branding as well the identities and interiors,” adds Mackay. “This is the first attempt in Romania in this sector to pull together a properly researched electrical offer and they want it to have a Western-based approach,” he says.

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