Clarks to step out with Airside site

Airside has been appointed to create a website for Clarks Originals shoes, which is part of the Clarks International portfolio.

The Clarks Originals range, which is most famous for its desert boot, is sold predominantly overseas though it does have a limited presence in the UK. The brand is aimed at both sexes and is pitched at the more fashionable end of the market than Clarks’ main range in the UK.

The website, which is the first site dedicated to the brand, will be launched in June.

A Clarks International spokes-man says, ‘The brief is in the process of being put together. We have been building up the Clarks Original range of shoes and [the website] should get overseas visitors to contact us.’

The consultancy was appointed by ad agency St Luke’s, which is working on brand advertising.

Clarks International also owns K Shoes and Ravel.

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