Enid Marx

Teatime with visitors was always a special occasion for designer and artist Enid Marx. She regaled visitors with tales of her projects and campaigns, and relished the chance to get out her pretty china and lay out a spread of cakes. She was especially fond of Battenburg because of its pattern.

Marx (known as Marco) had a passion for pattern and produced exquisite designs for textiles, posters, packaging and laminates in a 70-year career. Her designs were crisp, decorative and intelligent – she was a virtuoso in scale and colour.

Her best-known designs are those for Tube and bus seating fabric, commissioned in the 1940s. Her book jackets for Chatto & Windus and Penguin are collectible, as are the stamps she designed for the Queen’s Coronation and the Christmas 1976 issue.

Marx, who died this week aged 95, also co-wrote the seminal book English Popular Art with long-time friend Margaret Lambert. Their collection is to be housed in the museum and arts centre at Compton Verney, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

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