Joint CEOs for Enterprise IG

Former Sampson Tyrrell Enterprise chief executive Dave Allen and his New York counterpart Jim Johnson became joint chief executives of Enterprise IG on Tuesday, when WPP Group formally merged its global identity business under one brand name. Allen is responsible for Europe and Asia, and Johnson for the Americas.

Terry Tyrrell remains chairman of the London-based European operation, with Charles Trevail continuing as managing director. Former STE creative director Peter Stimpson takes on a consultancy role, and Franco Bonadio is due to join as managing creative director in July from Landor Associates (DW 1 May).

The merger follows three years of increasingly close working between the group’s five offices: STE in London, Anspach Grossman Enterprise in New York, SBG Enterprise in San Francisco, Artistree Enterprise in Hong Kong and O&M Identity Enterprise in Taiwan. All have dropped their former names.

Enterprise has 25 client directors worldwide, running global identity programmes.

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