At an event last week, Peter York asked whether the creative industries can really save us in the recession, or whether this idea was just an example of ‘British self-delusion’. What do you think, and why?

News In Pictures

Spring Advertising and Design has created an identity for play The Massacre, which was banned by author Elizabeth Inchbald more than 200 years ago, and is making its professional world premiere at Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal on 23 June.

Studio Dempsey

Studio Dempsey has designed and edited a book, A Bold Experiment, for the Sir John Ritblat Family Foundation. The book celebrates 60 years of the Weizman Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, and features photographs by French photographer Jean-Luc Bénard.

Wren & Rowe

Wren & Rowe has created a new identity and label marque for the UK’s second largest Spanish wine brand, Berberana. Appointed directly in October, it was briefed to build on brand heritage and quality to create the look of a market-leading brand. Wren & Rowe’s response was to give more prominence to the Berberana dragon, […]

Nevis Design

Edinburgh-based consultancy Nevis Design has created an identity for Mackenzie, a new fishing brand from spey `casting world champion Scott Mackenzie. Mackenzie, who designed the products himself, appointed Nevis in March, asking the group to consider the technical precision of his products. Packs and point-of-sale material have also been designed by Nevis. The brand is […]

Craig Bainton

Craig Bainton, a final-year transport and product design BA student at Coventry University, has designed a powered wheelchair which balances on a sphere to allow for good manoeuvrability. Banton says, ‘I embarked on this project as I have a sister with disabilities and I’ve always found the type of wheelchair she uses to be very […]

Format treatment for non-toxic paint brand

Format Design Studio has created the identity for Londonbased environmentally friendly decorating company Paint The Town Green. The company, which will launch on World Environment Day on 5 June, will use ecofriendly, non-toxic and durable paint, which it will also sell under its own brand. It is the brainchild of decorator Phil Robinson, who has […]

Copy right now

Attention spans are shrinking rapidly, so advertising copywriters have to work harder than ever to engage consumers. David Bernstein looks at their plight

Inspired: Richard Sunderland – Heavenly Group

It might be something to do with starting out in the world of newspapers, but the habit of scanning for relevant ads and articles means that I can’t read one these days without a ruler in my hand to chop them up and pass them round. For me, newsprint still rules. The digital age is […]

Let’s regain some of the old-school spirit of invention

I would like to second Jeremy Myerson’s view (Private View, DW 7 May) that the recession can be a real opportunity, not just for designers, but for everyone in brand development. Invention remains the daughter of necessity, and innovative businesses can turn adversity into advantage by confidently identifying new market opportunities and designing developing brands […]

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