Inspired: Richard Sunderland – Heavenly Group

It might be something to do with starting out in the world of newspapers, but the habit of scanning for relevant ads and articles means that I can’t read one these days without a ruler in my hand to chop them up and pass them round. For me, newsprint still rules. The digital age is just going to have to wait.

In my view, people in our industry should sign up to the Financial Times for their fix of business news. The FT is an incredible source of inspiration and ideas and I’d recommend any branding consultancy to read it, publicise themselves in it and advertise in it. All three have worked very well for us at Heavenly.

The pink pages are where we find out which businesses are raising money to buy old brands and rejuvenate them; which organisations are bringing their assets (and their brands) together; who’s launching and who’s re-launching; and, on the people front, who’s moving and who’s shaking.

So, when it comes to getting the inside track on the world of branding, forget the rest of the national press. It still really is a case of No FT, No Comment.

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