Let’s regain some of the old-school spirit of invention

I would like to second Jeremy Myerson’s view (Private View, DW 7 May) that the recession can be a real opportunity, not just for designers, but for everyone in brand development. Invention remains the daughter of necessity, and innovative businesses can turn adversity into advantage by confidently identifying new market opportunities and designing developing brands accordingly.

Some of our greatest ideas have come about in austere times, driven by necessity under pressure. Canned food to sustain Napoleon’s army on the long march to Russia, and during World War II Percy Spencer cooked up the idea of the microwave oven. Aerosols, jet engines, rockets and radar also spring to mind.

Imbuing Britain with that ingenuity and positivity is what we need to get the economy back on its feet. We need to rediscover the inventiveness that has seen other generations through similar hardships. The creative industries are ideally placed to be the catalyst.

Richard Sunderland, Managing director, Heavenly, London NW1

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