21 November 1996

Sticking to the streets

With images being paraded down the glitzy highways of moving media like the Net, communication to a guaranteed audience could become a thing of the past, so the poster has

DoE identity – or is that DIY?

A new identity is such a wonderful opportunity to iron out all inconsistencies in style. Especially for the Department of the Environment, which told DW that it was very keen

Amateur dramatics

Dick Petersen, sceptical of the way architects handle interiors, checks out the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts to see how it’s faring one year on. Dick Petersen is a design

Future Dates

Friday 13 December Make a note of the Design History Society Annual Conference, this year hosted by Middlesex University.

Six depart in WTS reshape

Wickens Tutt Southgate has made six people redundant, including a design director, as it “reshapes” to complete its deal with Rodney Fitch and Virgin. Design director Ashley Carter was one

Sands condemns EU directive

The European Union directive ruling that employees should not work more than 48 hours a week is “against the spirit” of the design industry, according to Design Business Association chairman


The Branding Iron’s campaign promoting Tesco’s commitment to selling Scottish produce is proving so successful its run is being extended throughout its 66 Scottish stores. The campaign promotes a variety

Never do it. You’ll never get out of the business once you’re in it.’ Advice from French design guru Jel Desgrippes to people contemplating setting up a design group

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