Tutssels basks in an exotic climate

If you tuned into News at Ten last night you might have had a quick preview of this week’s First Sight candidate. But the odds are 17 to 1 against what you saw bearing any resemblance to what appears on this page.

Tutssels has created 17 new sponsorship sequences for PowerGen to accompany the national weather report, each reflecting a particular weather condition. The weathermen pick the one most appropriate for the broadcasts, which go out every day on Channel 4 at lunchtime, in the early evening and after News at Ten.

PowerGen has been sponsoring the weather since 1989, and in 1993 changed tack, introducing radical new idents reflecting different weather conditions. These were designed by Tutssels’ sister company Lambie-Nairn, but with the transfer of Lambie-Nairn Directors’ sponsorship sequences work to Tutssels came the job of revamping the eight- and 15-second sequences.

The idea of reflecting the weather continues, but this time with great drama. New RenaisCAnce has decked out models in elaborate costumes built mainly of Sellotape to take the many baubles, ribbons, sequin dust and feathers. Flamboyant wigs and stage make-up complete the picture.

Directed by Rob Kelly and produced by Mark Sherwood, both at Tutssels, the sequences took 17 days to shoot. According to Tutssels’ Helen Owen, there had to be so many sequences not just because of the ever-changing British weather, but to avoid ‘viewer-fatigue’. Here’s hoping for a white Christmas.

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