Kerve markets Bath’s public spa

Bath-based consultancy Kerve has presented interim concepts for the website and marketing materials that will be used to promote the city’s renovated public spa, the recipient of a £7.8m Millennium Commission grant.

The brief involves conveying the heritage of Bath and the benefits of relaxation, according to Kerve director Simon Clarke, who is working on the project with fellow directors Richard Bacon and Dominic Bradbury and head of graphics Matt Thomas.

‘It’s about getting the feeling of the city across, as well as the heat and naturalness of the water,’ he says. Mystery, escapism and a ‘city of gold’ are also creative themes for the work.

Despite Bath’s fame as a site of naturally occurring hot springs, the city has not had an active spa since a health scare brought public bathing to a halt in 1978.

Now, the Millennium Commission funding has enabled the redevelopment of the 18th century Hot Bath and earlier Cross Bath, along with five historic buildings. Architect Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners has designed a glass-and-stone facilities centre scheme (design pictured).

The spa is operated by a Dutch firm, Thermae Development Company, and access will be offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. Local consultancy Mytton Williams created an identity for the Thermae Bath Spa brand in July.

Kerve was appointed to the project in September after an eight-way pitch and the job is understood to be worth a five-figure fee.

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