Purple Circle client in green around the gills shocker

‘C’mon doc, don’t sweeten the pill, tell me straight, how bad is it?’ Hypochondria or not, we’ve all been there – fretting about the diagnosis of some ailment or other.

Funny that should come to mind when considering Purple Circle’s ‘a clean bill of health’ theme (page from the annual report pictured) for Nottinghamshire Community Health Authority’s annual report (News, DW 14 November).

Apparently, it had something do with the organisation passing muster on some new Government regulations. But the consultancy’s press release was honest enough to add, ‘There is also the fact that Andrew Malone – NCHA’s chief executive – has been very ill over the past year. He’s very well known in the industry so there is an obvious health link here’.

You wouldn’t want to mention your cat just got run over, would you?

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