Peperami gets spiced up by Design Bridge

Design Bridge has rebranded Peperami, giving the spicy meat snack range its first major redesign since its launch in 1982.

The new packaging hits the shelves this week and aims to “emphasise the brand’s witty, iconoclastic positioning as a rebellious meat snack”, according to Design Bridge assistant creative director Steve Elliott.

The main change in design sees the merchandise position move from horizontal to vertical. The new 3D graphic effect shows an illustration of the product bursting out of the pack and sitting upright, ready to be consumed. The M in the original bubble logotype has been replaced by a clenched hand grabbing the product as it bursts open.

“Peperami’s packaging was previously passive and overpowered by its ad campaign. Reflecting the ad, we have brought life and attitude to the packs,” says Elliott.

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