TGV picks The Brand Company

French railway operator SNCF is rebranding its high-speed train, TGV, to reflect its improved customer service and increase its market presence.

The revised identity has been created by Paris-based consultancy The Brand Company and rolls out this week.

The new logo is a free-flowing, chrome-style 3D marque inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, which aims to suggest a sense of forward motion. It is reminiscent of the Paris underground’s well-loved Metropolitan marque.

The train’s rebrand is being rolled out under the banner “Prenez le temps d’aller vite” (“Take time to travel at speed”). TGV is hopeful that the redesigning exercise will attract customers to its trains who might otherwise choose alternative modes of transport, such as the plane or the car.

According to a TGV spokeswoman, the new marque will ensure the company remains competitive. “The existing logo is not relevant to the new image of TGV,” she says. “The Brand Company’s new identity mirrors the improved service offered by our trains and will hopefully improve the public’s perception of us. We aim to keep our existing customers and attract a host of new ones,” she explains.

The Brand Company has created the new visual identity as well as TGV’s revised website and a new customer magazine, France TGV.

UK consultancy Jervis Hegarty Losasso was recently included on SNCF’s new design roster (DW 21 July). It was not approached to pitch for this particular project.

JHL was appointed following a credentials presentation to the French company and joins 11 French groups, including The Brand Company, on the roster.

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