MTV looks to “humanise” with new branding

The television channel’s in-house creative team has worked with a number of studios and artists on the new identity, which is inspired by different emotions.


MTV has been rebranded by the television channel’s in-house design team World Creative Studio, with the aim of “humanising” the brand.

The new identity is based on the theme of “Mood Swing”, and sees a series of logos, backgrounds and idents depicting a wide variety of emotions.

The visuals have been created by the studio in collaboration with a group of illustrators, designers and animators, and will be used by MTV both on-screen and across its social media channels.

“Teens are living, breathing and sharing emotions like no other moment in history,” says World Creative Studio in a post on its site. “The insights that we learn from them are reflected through branding – it’s branding based on emotions.”

The emotions covered in the new identity range from relaxed and trippy to sexy and anger, and have been visualised by different studios and artists either as graphic or short form video idents.

Each emotion has also been expressed using a specific colour, such as orange for excited and blue for sad.

Creatives who have been involved in the project so far include Builders Club, Device, Randy Cano, Antoni Tudisco, DIA Studio and Fede Maksimiuk.

Every four months, World Creative Studio will also commission four new artists from all over the world to create a 15-second animated art piece based on one emotion and an accompanying colour.

The new identity is rolling out on-screen and on MTV’s social channels.

All visuals courtesy of World Creative Studio

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  • Calvin Emerson January 24, 2018 at 11:36 am

    Love, love, love! Really highlights that context is everything, and how much animation and 3D design can bring to the table — reinvigorates their identity quite nicely.


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