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Last month, The Economist teamed up with the Design Council to produce the The Big Rethink: Redesigning Business Summit in London. Core 77 asked Kevin McCullagh for his reflections on the event and the state of design thinking.

Bobby Hundreds reviews the US premiere of Banksy film Exit Through the Gift Shop, at the Los Angeles Theatre, which took place on 13 April. Hundreds recaps the ambience – in pictures – of the night as all of LA’s art and entertainment worlds show up under one roof.

Steve Price from Plan B writes about a recent visit to Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. Price talks to the students about their clients and explores work-related issues. He also includes a recent interview he did for the Paper Ideas/Fedrigoni website.

The Londonist is doing a series of hand-drawn maps, asking readers to send in artistic interpretations of their London neighbourhood. The latest map is from Liam Roberts, who draws a map of Brixton as a tree, presenting the local pubs and cafés as fruit and leaves.

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