Inspired: Ian Hambleton – Studio Output

It’s probably not the best thing to say, but I don’t get out anywhere near enough. Certainly not to take in everything I need too, to filter the world and its culture, to seek out inspiration and new things.

Of course, like everyone I have my hobbies and interests… film, TV and an unhealthy obsession with advertising and new ways of selling to people. I’m the guy that uses my Sky Plus to skip through programmes and pause/record the ad breaks. My wife loves that, I can tell you…

But my true inspiration comes from the people I surround myself with. Like a sponge I try to suck in their knowledge and inspirations and filter this into my work – whether that’s my team here at Studio Output, people we collaborate with or just friends down the pub.

I’m a firm believer that the older we get the more time poor we become. We spend our lives trying to improve and speed up our method of search, and our ability to find inspirations and solutions at a more effective pace.

To do this and stay ahead of my ever-mounting workload I’m unashamed to say I use people, people who perhaps have more time to focus on staying in touch, who seek out new things and new trends. I love the interaction that gives, and especially the pool of mind power it provides.

That’s my main source of inspiration and the great thing is it’s evolving every day.

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