London Cycling Campaign hires Blacklabs and Hart D’Lacey to overhaul its image

Hart D’Lacey and sister company Blacklabs are working to overhaul the identity, website and magazine of the London Cycling Campaign.

Mike Pycock, who works across both consultancies as director, led a speculative pitch in November 2009, when the organisation agreed to a rebrand across all touchpoints.

The LCC defines itself as working to ’ensure the views and interests of those who cycle in London, and would-be cyclists, are persuasively articulated, routinely requested, and effective in influencing decision-making and creating better outcomes for cycling’.

A brief has been developed to unite municipal member groups across London’s 33 boroughs. Pycock says, ’Each borough has its own LCC club, which needs to be brought into a flexible structure, under a new umbrella brand.’ The consultancies have already produced an LCC spring membership campaign (pictured).

For the main project, a joint audit was carried out by the organisation and the consultancy, showing that the majority of LCC members are male and in their 40s. ’They can appeal to a much bigger audience – commuters, people in their late teens, retired people,’ says Pycock.

The solution ’needs to be radical and their voice needs to be louder’, Pycock adds.

A new website will encourage more contribution from the organisation’s members and information-based interaction.

’The website offers huge potential. It can be a hub of interactive information for all cyclists in London,’ says Pycock.

The new brand and website are expected to launch this autumn.

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